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Accreditation for Media Representatives covering special events

Covering Special Events

  • Media representatives who visit Greece in order to cover special events, for usually a short period of time, will also need an accreditation in order to be granted access to Press Centers set up especially for the events held.

  • Moreover, Media representatives must be accredited when they participate in Official or Working Visits of Greek officials (President of the Hellenic Republic and the Greek Prime Minister) abroad, as well as Official/Working Visits of foreign officials (Prime Ministers and Heads of State) in our country.

How do I apply for an accreditation card?

To be granted an accreditation card for special events, you can fill in this application form (following the official announcement of the event). You may send your personal data (valid ID and Press Card) via email at or fax at +30 213 1318313 or +30 210 9098313.

Where do I collect my accreditation card from?

The authority responsible for issuing accreditation cards is the Secretariat General of Information & Communication/Domestic Public Relations Department.

The accreditation cards are collected by the Media Representatives themselves either at our premises or at the Press Center before the opening of the Event in question. Occasionally, those who have not applied in time a last minute accreditation procedure is provided at the Press Center.

Information pertaining to press and communications matters can be sought at the Press & Communications Office of the Greek Embassy in Washington D.C. and the Consulate General in New York.

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