Lunedì, 18 Febbraio 2019
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Ambasciata di Grecia a Roma

Capo Missione

Tasia Athanasiou, Ambasciatore

Curriculum Vitae

Tasia ATHANASIOU, daughter of Neoklis
Born in Patra, Greece on 01/09/1960

Degree in Law, University of Athens

1984 Attaché, Department of International Economic Organizations, MFA
1985 Promoted to Third Secretary
1989 Promoted to Second Secretary
1991 Greek Embassy in Budapest, Hungary
1992 Promoted to First Secretary
1993 Department of Bilateral Relations with European Countries, MFA
1995 Diplomatic Cabinet of the Deputy Foreign Minister, MFA
1996 Diplomatic Cabinet of the Alternate Foreign Minister, MFA
1996 Department of Personnel, MFA
1996 Promoted to Second Counsellor
1998 Promoted to First Counsellor
2000 Greek Embassy in Tirana, Albania
2003 Diplomatic Cabinet of the Prime Minister, MFA
2004 Department of Turkey, MFA
2005 Head of the Cabinet of the Director General for Political Affairs, MFA
2007 Greek Embassy to the Holy See, Vatican
2008 Promoted to Minister Plenipotentiary, Second Class
2009 Ambassador of Greece in Syria
2011 Promoted to Minister Plenipotentiary First Class
2012 Ambassador of Greece in Poland
2015 Head of the Diplomatic Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, MFA
2017 Promoted to Ambassador

English, French, Spanish

Mother of a son, Dimitris Charalampopoulos and a daughter, Vasiliki Charalampopoulou