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Foreign Ministry announcement regarding 25 years of upgraded diplomatic relations between Greece and Israel

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Today, 21 May, is the 25th anniversary of the conclusion of upgraded diplomatic relations between the Hellenic Republic and the State of Israel. Despite our bilateral relations’ dating to 1952, our two states established full diplomatic relations in 1990. In recent years, shared democratic values and interests have led to the forging of an important strategic partnership between Greece and Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Our bilateral relations are now characterized by expanded cooperation in the political, defence, energy, economic, tourism, cultural and academic sectors.

High-level political talks are now an established practice. In October 2013, the first High-Level Ministerial Cooperation Council (G2G) met in Jerusalem under the leadership of the two countries’ Prime Ministers. The two countries look forward to convening the second G2G meeting at the soonest possible time. The bilateral political dialogue has been accompanied by economic cooperation, major decisions on energy matters, enhanced military and defence cooperation, development of cultural exchanges, constructive academic and scientific contacts, interfaith dialogue and a large increase in tourist flows.

Greece and Israel are two modern democratic states that represent the proud independence of two ancient nations. Their long histories are interwoven and have many characteristics in common. We are two peoples with a strong inclination towards letters; peoples that have made a major contribution to western civilization and have coexisted in this region of the world for many generations. The two nations have vigorously sustained their identities for thousands of years, having had intense experience during their histories of the notions of homeland and diaspora.

The Greek Jewish community and the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem are bridges of friendship between the two countries.

Bilateral cooperation promotes common interests, progress and stability in the wider region. It is the aim of both states to further promote and improve peaceful and good neighbourly relations with the nations of the region.

After 25 years of upgraded diplomatic relations, the governments of Greece and Israel express their satisfaction at their close and friendly relations. Both states look forward to further strengthening their bilateral cooperation in the coming 25 years, with particular emphasis on contacts between the two peoples and their mutually beneficial cooperation in the sectors of high technology and entrepreneurship. The two nations remain linked by ties of friendship, as they confront common challenges and strive for a better future.

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