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Eurovision Song Contest 2016: The Greek Participation - “Utopian Land” by Argo

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A pilgrimage, a journey, a path to a destination where dawn is breaking.  We leave the darkness behind, heading to bright sunshine! “Utopian Land” is the title of Greece's participation in the 61st European  Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Stockholm from the 10th  to the 14th of  May.

“Argo” are the six member band that will perform on the stage of the Ericsson Globe Arena representing Greece. The lyrics of the song are in Greek, English and, for the first time, in the Pontian dialect, as most members of the band originate from the Black Sea (Pontos).  The composition is inspired from the Pontian music tradition and is combined with contemporary hip-hop. It is a modern approach to the difficulties the peoples of the world are nowadays facing through the eyes of young people who have themselves experienced their own journey.

The song calls the entire world to follow and take part in the dream, a dream which requires effort and perseverance. This is the message the artists wish to convey to the people, best expressed in the lyrics describing the search for a Utopian Land.

Constantin Topouzis will play the Pontian lyre on stage, a traditional instrument which has been used in 2005 when the Greek participation , «My number one» with Elena Paparizou, had won the contest. Also, Alekos Papadopoulos will play the tabor on stage.

This year's motto of the competition, «Come together», is a unity call. The Greek participation goes along with this concept of the organizers, as the Greek  song moves on the same wavelength, inviting the people to seek together an optimistic future through the itinerary chosen by everyone.

The members of  "Argo" are Vladimir Sofianidis (song-composition), Christina Lahana (song), Kostas Topouzis (Pontian lyre), Maria Elbrus -Venetikidou (vocals), Elias Kessidis (vocals - percussion) and Alekos Papadopoulos (tabor).

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