Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Tax Affairs

Greeks abroad wishing to manage their tax transactions in Greece, can contact the Revenue Section of the Economic Affairs Directorate for Greeks residing abroad (4 Metsovou St. 1st Floor, 106 82, Athens, tel: 210 8204631, 210 8204627, 210 8204603, fax: 210 8204630, 210 8204653) , through our Consulate.

IRAS Certificates to be submitted to the abovementioned Tax Office, should have been previously stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore and consequently certified by the Consulate. Official translation of the said document can be done in Ministry of Foreign Affairs Translation Service at Arionos 10, Athens, Postal Code 105 54.

For further information, please refer to the following links of the General Secretariat for Information Systems / Ministry of Finance website and the following links.

- FEK 167 : Reference to Law No 4172 (Income Tax Code)

- POL 1136 : Necessary documents to be submitted for citizens living abroad

- POL 1068 : Type and content of the Income Tax Statement regarding year 2017

- POL 1201: Change of tax residence according to Laws 4172/2013 and 4174/2013

For any further enquiries please contact the Consulate.

Last Updated Wednesday, 17 October 2018