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Change of Residency

To obtain certification of change of residency, Greeks abroad address themselves to the nearest Consular Authority, where they can obtain information regarding the documentation they will need to make their application. Note that documentation for obtaining permanent residency differs from country to country, as do the competent agencies from which documentation for permanent residency is obtained.

In general, the necessary prerequisites for issuance of a certificate of residency are:

1. No other similar certification having been issued in the past by any other Consular Authority in the name of the person changing residency or in the name of any member of that person’s family.
2. The person changing residency residing mainly abroad (185 days out of any 12-month period abroad, where he/she has strong personal and professional bonds for at least two consecutive twelve-month periods before his/her change of residency). Studying at a university or other school abroad does not make the country where one is studying one’s country of main residency.

Documents required and must be sent to prior to the issuance of the certificate are:
• Passport copy
• Residence VISA in the UAE
• Work Certificate
• Car purchase invoice
• Driving license
• Car license
• Rent Receipt for the last two years
• Insurance Company certificate for the last two years
• Electricity bill receipt for the last two years

The certification of change of residency will be finalized at the Consular Office. Call 02-4492550 Ext. 200 for an appointment.

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