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New Consular Fees and Royalties

  • For the services provided by the Consular Section of the Embassy it is provided a due fee in accordance with the provision of relevant legislation (Consular Fees)
  • Recently (01-03-2014) took effect the New Consular Fees, in replacement of the previous one of year 2002.
  • A list of Consular Fees as provided by Presidential Decree 16 of year 2014) (in enlgish) can be located by selecting: Consular Fees and Royalties

For your convenience, you can find hereinafter the a schedule with the most popular services

Description Fees 2014
Certificate of Permanent Residence 50,00 €
Certificate of Exemption from double taxation 20,00 €
Certificates (in general) 10,00 €
Attestations (in general) 10,00 €
Certified copies 10,00 €
Legalisation of signature of Greek and EU citizen 10,00 €
Legalisation of signature of a non EU citizen 30,00 €
Certified Translation 30,00 €
plus 20 per page
Civil marriage ceremony 100,00 €
Civil marriage ceremony for non residence in Malta 200,00 €
Registration of civil acts 10,00 €
Certifies copies of registration of civil acts 10,00 €
Power of Attorney, per sheet 50,00 €
Certified copy of Power of Attorney, per sheet 10,00 €
Legalisation of Maritime Certificates
(as: ship's crew list, registration document, etc)
40,00 €
Certification of shipping documents and copies thereof 5,00 €
Offering services from a Consular Employee outside the consular premises 150 per 4 hours
Interpretation services 100 per hour

Last Updated Thursday, 06 March 2014
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