Friday, 23 April 2021
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Covid-19 Travel to Iceland – Border measures

Thursday, 04 March 2021

New border measures have come into force on February 19 which require all arriving passengers in Iceland to present a negative PCR taken within 72 hours of their time of departure to Iceland.  In case of non-compliance the fines are:

1.    All individuals not with a valid negative PCR test on arrival and not with a legal domicile in Iceland cannot enter the country (e.g. tourists) and must return on the first available flight leaving Iceland. This applies for all not living or working in Iceland. The individuals concerned must stay within the airport facilities while waiting for their return flight.
2.    Individuals with domicile in Iceland arriving without the necessary negative PCR test are fined EUR 650,- and must go through a stricter quarantine procedure.

This is in addition to the current system of double screening, that also requires all arriving passengers to submit to a PCR test upon arrival, followed by a 5-day quarantine and a second PCR test. Those who provide valid proof of having been vaccinated against COVID-19 are not required to provide a PCR-test prior to boarding and are also exempt from screening and quarantine measures at the border. The same applies to those who can provide proof of prior infection.