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IPC Network: Companies, Organizations, Education and Intelligence Evolution in Practice

Wednesday, 06 May 2015

The IPC social network (Intelligence Process Cooperation) acts for the Intelligence development in businesses, organizations and generally in environments of collective action.

It is very important, as we receive a variety of information and process it, when we decide and act, to comprehend in a simple way, effortlessly and spontaneously, what causes the constitution and evolution of the mind and what leads us to cognitive disarray and disorganization.

The factors that regard the understanding and management of our Intelligence evolution, strictly related to the continuous improvement of quality and perspective of Action, are only TWO (the Identity and the basic Principles)! 

We are able to use them easily, in daily events and situations that concern us.

The attached electronic files provide information about our Intelligence evolution in practice and the IPC Network:

A.     3. "Intelligence Evolution in Businesses and Organizations" (five pages), “1.One page of info about the IPC workshop”, and “0.2.Contact Points-Communication Priorities” (one page) mentions the target points and the priorities for the communication of the Concept.

B.      “1. Letter of Cooperation _ Education and Intelligence Evolution”, “2. One page of info about the workshop _Education & Intelligence Evolution” and “4.1 Intelligence Evolution and Education” (six pages).

C.     Concise presentations and models of covers of the fifteen books that were written in this time period, all on the subject of Intelligence Process and Intelligence Evolution

D.     In case you wish we can send the files “0. Brief Presentation of the IPC Concept” and “0.3 More Info about our Intelligence Evolution in Practice'', as additional information to evaluate the practical value and perspective of the basic viewpoints regarding your areas of responsibility and also in general.

We address people who: a) administer businesses and organizations, b) act in collective environments, c) are involved in any way with education and d) are generally interested in the constitution of mind, Intelligence development and constant improvement of the quality of action.    

More information can be found at:

Link to the attached documents.


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