Friday, 23 April 2021


Tax Affairs

To handle their tax affairs, Greek citizens living abroad may address themselves –through our Consular Authorities abroad and through the Foreign Ministry’s E3 Directorate – to the Finance Ministry and, more specifically, the Economic Affairs Directorate for Residents Abroad -  Revenue Section (4 Metsovou str. 1st floor, 106 82 Athens, tel: 210 8204631, 210 8204627, 210 8204603, fax: 210 8204630, 210 8204653).
You can find additional information on the Finance Ministry’s Secretariat General for Information Systems website.
To request payment of relevant sums owed to the State by Greek and foreign nationals residing outside Greece, the competent Economic Affairs Directorates forward the relevant documents to the Foreign Ministry’s E3 Directorate which sends them back to Missions abroad to be conveyed to the taxpayer.

Last Updated Tuesday, 21 July 2015