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National Service Information

For further information on latest developments and legislation on National Service, please visit the Official website of the Greek Ministry of National Defense: www.stratologia.gr

Certificate of Permanent Resident Abroad for use in relation to military service

According to the Greek recruiting law (3421/2005, article 25) “the military service of those who permanently live abroad is postponed”.

“Permanent Residence Abroad” for Greek military service purposes is attributed to those who fulfill one of the following conditions:

a. Have their primary and permanent residence abroad for at least eleven constant years, in one or more countries (that is anywhere but Greece)


b. Have their employment residence and live abroad, for at least seven constant years, in one or more countries (that is anywhere but Greece).

In order to apply for a Certificate of Permanent Resident Abroad, you will have to make an appointment and submit to the Consular Section, the following documents:

a. Certificate of registration in the male records of the borough you are registered in Greece.

b. All your passports (Greek and/or other, if any), including those which have expired and photocopies of all the stamped pages.

c. Transcripts from schools for every year of education (attention, no diplomas or graduate certificates, simply transcripts for each year that has to be taken into account).

d. IRAS or Income Tax letter or Employment Letters (Employment Letters should be notarized). They have to cover all the years that have to be taken into account, one by one.

e. A full - time employment contract, in case you want to prove employment residence.

f. Utility bills or bank statements for the years you have not yet submitted tax statements

g. Any other document that attests to the applicant’s permanent residency, including birth certificate, Lease Agreements, Titles of Ownership of a House, Marriage Certificate e.t.c.

Please note that all the above documents have to concern the parents of the applicant as well, for the time up until he is 18 years of age (of course the passports of the minor and the transcripts from schools have to concern the applicant). After the age of 18 all documents have to concern the applicant himself.

Fees:  €50

Fees are paid in SG dollars.

For further information on military service obligation, you may visit the official site of the Hellenic Armed Forces Recruiting – Military Legal Advisors Services: http://www.stratologia.gr or address the Greek Consular Authority.

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