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Power of Attorney

The person who gives power of attorney must be legally capable of doing so; i.e. they must be of sound mind and of legal age (over 18 years old). Those who wish to give power of attorney must do so in person, before the Consular employee, providing at the same time documents which establish their identity beyond any doubt, (name, surname, place and date of birth, name of father and mother).

The full name (father's and mother's included) of the proxy (the person to whom the power of attorney is being given) shall also be provided at the time that any certificate of power of attorney is to be drawn up and signed.

If the power of attorney is for a specific case, the appropriate draft text from a notary public or a lawyer in Greece should be submitted to the Consulate in electronic format (.doc) by e-mail.

For those who do not read or write Greek (even though they may speak and understand Greek) the presence of two witnesses is required. These witnesses should not be related to the person who signs the power of attorney or to each other; they must be able to read, write and speak Greek, and to have with them either a passport (Greek or Singaporean), or a Greek identification card. The witnesses will make sure that the person giving power of attorney understands what is stated in the document and sign the document themselves.

If the person who signs the power of attorney does not know Greek at all, then an interpreter is required. The interpreter will translate the document for the benefit of the person giving the power of attorney and sign as the interpreter.

Necessary documents:

Necessary documents:

1) Application form duly completed

2) Valid passport and birth certificate or,  for those applicants born in Greece, a Greek identity card or registration in a municipality.

3) The exact particulars of the assignee, including name, surname, father’s name, mother’s name, occupation, address and, if possible, Greek ID number with date and place of issue.

4) Exact specifications of the power of attorney (buying, selling, making or receiving payments, etc.). This document should be drawn up by an attorney or a notary public.

The fees for a power of attorney depend on the length of the document:

2 pages €50 2 pages €10 2 pages €60
4 pages €100 4 pages €20 4 pages €120
6 pages €150 6 pages €30 6 pages €180
8 pages €200 8 pages €40 8 pages €240

Fees are paid in SGD dollars.

Please contact the Greek Consular Authority in Singapore for further information.

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