Monday, 17 May 2021

Political Relations

Since its independence in 1993, Slovakia adopted policies that led to the shift from a centralized to a market economy of liberal western type. Economic reforms have resulted in high growth rates recorded during the years 2006-2007. Since January 2009, Slovakia has joined the Eurozone.

The accession of Slovakia to Euro-Atlantic institutions (EU and NATO) in 2004 further strengthened Greek-Slovak relations, which, beyond their bilateral dimension, include cooperation as EU partners and NATO allies.

Trade balance between Greece and Slovakia is deficit for our country with the Slovak exports to Greece amounting to € 185 million (2018) and imports from Greece to € 115 million (2018). The introduction of bauxite and alumina from Greece accounts for 25% of the quantity entering Slovakia. Greece continues to occupy a prominent destination for Slovak tourists, with about 120,000 of them visiting our country per year.

Last Updated Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Last Updated Tuesday, 23 April 2019