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Economic Relations

Bilateral trade relations between Greece and Sweden: 

The Greek-Swedish trade relations are governed by the legal framework (network of agreements) of the European Union, and and lie within the context of multilateral regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Bilateral business relationships are developed. Many Greek companies have established business relations with companies in Sweden and vice versa.

Greek traditional food products are among the top exporting commodities to Sweden. Greece exports a great variety of goods to Sweden from dairy products, in particular Feta cheese, olives and olive oil, fruits and vegetables.

However, not only food products can be found among the main Greek export commodities. Other products such as, ferroalloys, bentonite, plastic raw materials, clothing accessories, fertilizers and crude minerals, petroleum products and pharmaceuticals are also exported to Sweden.

Sweden's exports to Greece consist primarily of petroleum products, paper, paperboard and articles of paper, medical and pharmaceutical products, industrial and telecommunications equipment, wood products, iron and steel and passenger vehicles.

Tourism industry is in fact one of the most crucial pillars of development and competitiveness for Greece as it accounts for about one fifth of Greece’s GDP. Sweden represents a significant market in Europe for the Greek tourism industry. Swedes have been travelling to Greece since the sixties, and the number of Swedish visitors has in general an increase trend.

Despite the good level of bilateral economic and commercial ties, ample room for improvement has been identified on both sides and an even closer economic cooperation has been pursued in recent years. On October 3, 2016, in the 1st Greek-Swedish Business Forum in Stockholm, more than 100 representatives of Greek and Swedish companies, Swedish organizations and agencies were present. At the same time, a Business Mission led by Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Dimitris Mardas was held with the participation of about 60 companies from Greece and Sweden.