Wednesday, 21 April 2021
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Agrotourism: It comes naturally!

Agrotourism (rural tourism), recently developed in Greece, is a mild form of sustainable tourist development and multi-activity in the agricultural sector, practiced by demanding tourists who are not satisfied with conventional forms of tourism and who, therefore, seek alternative experiences.

Agrotourism promotes the cultural heritage of each area, giving visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with nature and everyday rural life, as well as local customs and traditions, all without altering the character of the countryside. At the same time, agrotourism supports the sustainable development of the country side by engaging the local society. 

In Greece, many businesses throughout the country offer agrotourism programmes in the form of agrotourism catering and recreation centers, travel agencies organizing outdoor activities, excursions of ecotourism as well as local festivals where one can participate in cooking and popular art workshops.

Wine tourism has been also developing in Greece, in regions like Crete, the Aegean islands and Central Greece. It is most developed Northern Greece through the Wine Roads programme, sponsored by the Wines of North Greece Organization. It advises visitors to follow a carefully selected route, passing through the most picturesque areas of a viniculture zone and visit select wine-producing units, sample local wines accompanied by the traditional degustation of the region and explore traditional settlements, archaeological sites and various other tourist attractions.