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Political Relations

Political relations between Greece and the United Kingdom are excellent; they date from the Greek Struggle for Independence and the two World Wars to modern day Greek history.

The two countries cooperate closely at bilateral and multilateral level, either in the framework of the United Nations, NATO and the Council of Europe, or within regional organizations. Every year, exchanges of visits between high-ranking officials, as well as frequent contacts at state, government and parliament level take place. Furthermore, there is regular participation, on a mutual basis, in conferences and events of academic institutions or think tanks.

Topics like migration, developments in Greek-Turkish relations, the Cyprus Issue, Greek diplomatic initiatives through tripartite / quadripartite cooperation schemes, the progress of accession of Western Balkans to the E.U., energy diplomacy in the Eastern Mediterranean and political developments in Greece are very popular with British public opinion and they provide the basis for regular consultations with our country. Long standing cooperation also takes place in the fields of defence, tackling organized crime and containing irregular migration.

Finally, there is traditional support of candidacies of our two countries in various international organizations.

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