Wednesday, 21 April 2021
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Public Administration

The public sector in Greece includes Ministries, Local Government Agencies, Public Legal Entities and Independent Administrative Authorities. There are ongoing efforts in recent years to further promote transparency and accountability in the Greek political-administrative system. This important area of reform involves the introduction of new institutions. Special bodies of inspectors (Administrative Inspectors and the Financial Crime Confrontation Body), have been established in order to increase public control on bureaucracy, to combat corruption and improve transparency, as well as the effectiveness of specific public policies.

Pertaining to the selection and training of civil servants, a High Council for the Selection of Personnel has been established since 1994 (ASEP). It is an independent authority overseeing the selection process, ensuring merit, impartiality and transparency. In 1983 the National Centre of Public Administration was founded with the aim of training civil servants. High level civil service officials have been trained in its National School for Public Administration before entering the public service. The Institute for In-Service Training is an additional unit of the Centre, ensuring continuous professional training.