Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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Legalisation of signature

Given that it is difficult to determine for each potential case, whether a notary act is required or whether a simple signature legalisation would suffice, and to avoid your potential inconvenience, we kindly advise you in case of doubt to contact a Lawyer or Notary regarding the type of document required for your particular case.

It is possible to legalise your signature, free of charge, via the website with the use of TAXIS codes and Greek bank e-banking services.

In case this is not feasible, you can book an appointment for legalisation of signature through this website: Please click here.

To have your signature legalised you are required to bring in the original document and sign it before a member of the Consulate staff. You are also required to provide proof of identity with a document bearing your photograph, e.g. Passport or Greek ID.

It is only possible to verify original documents, not copies.

Cost of verification: The equivalent of 10 Euros in GBP.
You can access our Consular Fees List here.
For documents that authentication of the original signature is required, it is priced at 10 Euros for Greek/EU citizens and 30 Euros for third country nationals equivalent in Sterling.
Appointment: Appointment is required
Forms: 1. Solemn declaration form
2. General Authorization form
3. Parental consent form for issuing a passport for underage child
4. Parental consent form for travel of underage child
Last Updated Wednesday, 17 February 2021