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Legalisation of a translator’s signature


The Greek General Consulate in London does not provide translation/interpretation services. Such services are offered by recognized translators.

Notice: The Consular Office can only legalize translations made by certified translators  and whose signature is known and certified. You are kindly advised to confirm with the above site before proceeding with the translator of your choice.

Legalisation of translations

For the legalization of a translated document please note that the original document should be submitted as well, dully legalized by an Apostille stamp by the British Foreign Office (FCO). For information regarding the Apostille stamp, please contact FCO (legalisation).

If you wish to send your documents by post, you must include a Postal Order towards the Greek Embassy, as well as a pre-paid registered envelope so that we can return the documents to you. The Consulate’s Office does not bear any responsibility for the potential loss of documents during their dispatch.

The above service is also provided by the Honorary Consulates of Greece in UK.

Cost of service: The equivalent of 30 Euros in GBP for each translation.
You can access our Consular Fees List here.
Appointment: No appointment is required, only prior consultation with the relevant department of the Consular Office is necessary at
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