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Emergency travel document and expired passport - Greek citizens only

A. You do not need an emergency travel document to return to Greece, if your Greek passport has expired.

If your Greek passport has expired, you can travel to Greece - and only to Greece - on your expired passport (and your old ID card, if you have one). You may visit the official website of IATA for confirmation.

B. You do need an emergency travel document in case of loss or theft of passport or ID card to return to Greece.

For the issue of an emergency travel document, the submission of the following documents is required:

• Application (submitted IN PERSON at the Consular Office) - APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY.
• Booking reference or copy of an issued ticket.
• 2 Photographs.
• ID card issued after 1.6.1960 or certificate of registration in a Greek Municipality.
• Report of a UK Police authority (relevant reference number is required).
• Statement filled in at the Consular Office concerning the circumstances of the loss/theft of the passport

Travel documents are issued free of charge, no earlier than 48 hours prior to your travel.
For the cost of issuing a passport, please click here.

Fees: Free of charge
Appointments: You are kindly requested to contact us on telephone or by email:
Application forms: 1. Υπεύθυνη Δήλωση Προσωρινού Ταξιδιωτικού Εγγράφου
2. Έντυπο Καταγραφής Στοιχείων Προσωρινού Ταξιδιωτικού Εγγράφου