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Moving Residence to Greece

Certificate for domicile transfer excemptions

Individuals (citizens of any European Union member State, Greek citizens or persons married to a Greek citizen) that are residents abroad and wish to settle permanently in Greece, are exempt from import duties on their personal belongings (furniture, car e.t.c.).

Permanent residence is the place where an individual is resident for at least 185 days in a 12 month period and where he holds personal and professional bonds.

The right for domicile transfer exemptions is founded on proof of residence and work of the applicant himself or his family, for a two year period before settling in Greece:


• Personal Statement (to be filled at the Consulate)

• Passport or Identity Card

• Tax clearance (employment history HMRC) or tax clearance notes (P60) for at least the last two years before settling in Greece and certificate of termination of work (P45).

• Payroll statements (payslips) at least quarterly per year, monthly detailed bank accounts statements (at least quarterly per year) for the last two years before settling in Greece.

• In the case that the applicant is a company owner or a self-employed person, the necessary supporting documents are defined as follows: company registration, tax clearance (self assessment tax return), invoices, payslips, combined, for the last two years before settling in Greece.

• Council Tax Receipts, Public Utility Bills (electricity, gas, water) at least quarterly per year for the last two years before settling in Greece.

In case of a private use car, motorbike or motorcycle, pleasure boat or private aircraft are transported, documents proving the full and exclusive ownership of the vehicle for a period of at least six months before the application date are required, as well as:

• Vehicle Registration in the name of the applicant issued by the relevant British authority (DVLA e.t.c.) covering a period of at least six months before the application date.
• Driver’s license valid for the above mentioned period.
• Purchase invoice.
• Insurance policy.

The application for the certificate for domicile transfer exemptions may also be submitted to the relevant E3 directorate of the MFA in Greece, Akadimias 3, Athens, tel. +30 210 3682631, email:

Consular Fees: The cost of the service is 120.00 EUR payable in GBP depending on the month's exchange rate.
Payment in cash.
For documents that authentication of the original signature is required, it is priced at 10 Euros for Greek/EU citizens and 30 Euros for third country nationals equivalent in Sterling.
Appointment: The service requires an online appointment
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