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FinMin: No additional measures in 2013-14

"Additional austerity measures will not be necessary in 2013 and 2014 if we respect the State budget and strictly keep the timetables" reassured Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras in an interview with VIMA Sunday newspaper.

On the receipts collection measure, Stournaras said that the ministry is examining ways to reward the tax payers that collect receipts adding that after the VAT reduction in food services the direct target is the reduction of the cost of the contribution to social security funds and afterwards the reduction of the tax rates and of the indirect taxes, as soon as the fiscal conditions allow it.

Referring to the financing gap after July 2014, Stournaras said "it is small to create any problem".

However, as he said, the discussion for relief measures should open at the right time, meaning after the country has a primary surplus.

He estimated that main opposition SYRIZA now accepts the memorandum and noted that the wish lists and the ungrounded proposals may please SYRIZA's supporters but will not save the country from bankruptcy.

Source: Athens News Agency

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