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Italian PM Monti: Greece is not alone

"Europe will help Greece, if Greece helps itself," Italian prime minister Mario Monti said in an interview with the Greek daily 'Kathimerini' appearing on Sunday, and on speculation over a Greek exit from the euro Monti stressed that "this is a scenario that is not being examined".
"Greece has already made great progress and must continue uninterrupted the process of fiscal discipline and structural reforms, because it is in its interests. I believe that the Greek government and people agree with that. They are not alone. Europe is helping, but they too must help themselves," said Monti, who met with his visiting Greek counterpart Antonis Samaras in Rome on Friday.
"We know from experience that the sacrifices are worth making," Monti added, and welcomed "the economic measures recently decided by the Greek government as a clear indication of the will to proceed to reform of the economy", at the same time expressing conviction that "Greece will abide by its commitments and implement the structural reforms it needs to give impetus to growth and employment, and will continue the painful but necessary process of fiscal discipline it has commenced".
Turning to the EU and its decisions aimed at an exit from the crisis, Monti said that it has "taken a quantum leap towards stabilization and solution of the crisis", noting that the June decisions were a major step forward in the right direction.
He opined that a clear political message was given that a comprehensive and balanced approach between short-term and mid-term measures to overcome the present crisis is required, and called the recent European Central Bank (ECB) announcement "very important".


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