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Public unites with Amazon to offer 50,000 books, CDs and DVDs in Greek

Public Press Conference
Public stores, one of the largest retailers in Greece, are entering a significant cooperation with the online store Amazon, with the objective to promote Greek culture abroad. This cooperation includes the sale of a full range of Greek books, CDs and DVDs through Amazon’s platform. The launch of the cooperation, which promotes the Greek language around the globe, was officially announced today during a Press Conference.

Specifically, the 6,000,000 Greek expatriates, students and foreign residents in 37 countries throughout the world, will have access to 50,000 Greek books, CDs and DVDs, since through this partnership with Amazon, Public will offer the full range of Greek cultural products globally. At the first stage, 39,000 Greek book titles, CDs and DVDs that are already available through Amazon’s website will be offered, while this number will gradually reach 50,000.

The cooperation includes the sale of products to 37 countries. Greek cultural products are already available to all the Greek-speaking population in Europe in countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, France, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium and other countries, while from June 1st they will be available in America, Canada, Australia etc!

Public’s unique knowledge and experience on the total range of the Greek market’s cultural products, together with Amazon’s global reach and client-centered approach, brings Public closer to achieving its global vision to promote the Greek language and offer the full range of Greek cultural products to all the world, always in a professional manner, with low prices and reliable delivery to the final consumer.

It is worth noting that in the context of this pioneering partnership for Greek standards, and following the initiative and suggestion by Public, Amazon is introducing the search engine with Greek font for the first time on the largest e-retailer website in the world. This process is introduced for the first time and is under continuous improvement. 

*The functionality will be activated by country beginning from

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