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Press and Communications Office

The Press & Communication Office works closely with British print and electronic media to provide authoritative information on Greek government policies.

The aim of the Press & Communication Office is to inform and involve the British public about Greek diplomatic priorities. To that end it communicates the major lines of Greek government policy and the key objectives of its foreign policy, through a wide range of channels.

The Office organizes a variety of events, such as lectures, seminars and cultural presentations, looks after relations with the public; the British and international press, and monitors the British media daily. It also arranges press briefings and interviews with visiting Greek Ministers and senior officials.

The Press & Communication Office also issue press releases and provide background material on major Greek policy statements. In addition it offers an internal information service for the embassy and administers the embassy website (, where news on the main areas of Greek diplomatic interest in the UK is regularly updated in English and Greek.

Journalists may contact the Press & Communication Office as follows:

Address: 1A Holland Park, W11 3TP, London, UK

Telephone: : 0044 (0) 207 727 3071

Fax:  0044 (0) 207 727 8960


Members of the Office:

Mrs. Elena Soupiana

Press Counsellor - Head

Mr. Alkis Delantonis

Press Counsellor

Mrs. Panagiota Syriopoulou

Press Officer

Mrs. Nancy Andriopoulou

Press officer

INTERNSHIPS: The Press and Communications Office offer internships throughout the year for periods of 3-6 months, part-time or full-time. For more information please check here

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