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Greece is a member state of the European Union and a part of the Schengen Treaty.This site provides you with information concerning activities, services and contact data of our Embassy and Consular office.  You can also read about our bilateral relations and find detailed and up-to-date information about Greece.

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Greece is a natural gateway between Europe - Asia and a factor of stability in the region

Article by Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias on "The Future of ASEM and its Vision for the 21st Century" for Asia - Europe Foundation's Digital Publication “20 Years of Asia-Europe Relations" (11.07.2016)

Greek islands: Welcome Home

From Corfu to Rhodes and Kastellorizo, from Thassos to Crete and Gavdos, experience something that goes beyond just a holiday. Experience the feeling of coming home.

"Τeaching together the sense of solidarity"

Foreign Minister Kotzias’ speech at the dinner he hosted in honor of the Primates and in view of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church (Crete, 16.06.2016)

Foreign Minister Kotzias’ doorstep statement on arrival at the EU Foreign Affairs Council (Brussels, 18 July 2016)
"Greece is a European anchor of democracy, peace, stability and security. We’re always protecting human rights and we try to have the best possible relations with all our neighbors."

Foreign Minister Kotzias’ intervention at the opening session of the 11th ASEM Summit (Ulaanbaatar, 15 July 2016)
First of all, I would like to express my solidarity with the people of France. We are together in the fight against terrorism.

Statements of Foreign Minister Kotzias and the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Cyprus, Ioannis Kasoulides, following their meeting (Foreign Ministry, 22 July 2017)

I. KASOULIDES: It is a great pleasure to be in Athens again. Our talks today with Foreign Minister Kotzias were a working meeting, because together we worked on the ideas that will have to be submitted in the negotiations on the issue of Security. We are talking about the need...

Foreign Minister Kotzias’ statements to journalists within the framework of the EU Foreign Affairs Council proceedings (Brussels, 18 July 2016)

JOURNALIST: Mr. Minister, what is the position of the EU 28 on the developments in Turkey?N. KOTZIAS: There will be an announcement. I think there are three issues we agreed on. The first is that we condemn the coup and certainly support the institutions and constitutionality in Turkey. Second, we...

A Hopeful Comeback for Endangered Sea Turtles and Seals in Greece

Long term protection pays off in Greece and this year marked a preservation status improvement of the Caretta Caretta Sea Turtle and the Mediterranean Monk Seal in the global Red List of Threatened...

Fact Sheet: The Refugee / Migration Crisis and Greece

With over 1 million refugees / migrants having arrived via the Turkish coast in Greece since 2015, our country is one of the EU countries most affected by the ongoing crisis. This...

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