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Circulating private vehicles in Greece (for permanent residents abroad)


Persons (foreigners or Greeks) who have their permanent residence abroad can bring their private car, their motor caravan or motorcycle to Greece and use it in Greece temporarily – for a period of six months, continuous or otherwise, during a period of twelve months – without being obliged to pay the relevant charges.

The use (driving) of the abovementioned vehicles by other persons in Greece is not permitted. Also not permitted is their use by third non-beneficiary persons, especially when those persons have their permanent residence in Greece. Infringement of these restrictions entails heavy fines and penalties.

The owner of the car, if requested to do so by the competent authorities, must be able to prove his permanent residence or the date of entrance of the car into Greece.

Requirements Concerning the Vehicles

Upon their entry into Greece, vehicles have to bear an official registration number, either permanent or temporary, from the country that issued the circulation license, as well as the circulation license itself.

Vehicles have to be insured, and if the circulation license and the registration number are temporary, they must be valid at the time of the entry of the vehicle into Greece.

If the registration expires, and the interested parties want to circulate the car in the country until the completion of the six months period, they have to obtain from the competent customs authority, before the expiration date, a temporary Greek registration and circulation license. The stay and circulation of a vehicle with an expired registration and circulation license entails the imposition of fines.

Expiration οf Circulation Permission

Upon the completion of the six-month circulation, the vehicle has to be re-exported from Greece or immobilized (via warehousing in private or public parking). The duration of the immobilization cannot exceed twenty four (24) months. The beneficiary can then again circulate the vehicle for six more months within a twelve month period, provided he can prove that he is still a permanent resident abroad. This process can be repeated.

If during the 24-month period of immobilization the beneficiary doesn’t ask permission for the circulation of the vehicle again or doesn’t give another legal destination for said vehicle, then after the 24-month period said vehicle is declared unclaimed.

Please contact the relevant Greek Consular Authority in Canada for further information.

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