Monday, 19 April 2021
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Embassy of Greece in Ottawa


Mission’s History

The Greek Embassy was established by Royal Decree 8/27 November 1937. In May 1942 the Greek Government perceiving the important role Canada was to play in World affairs during- and after the war established a Legation at Ottawa. George S. Depastas, former Counsellor of the Greek Embassy at Washington DC and for thirty years in the diplomatic service of his Country was the first Minister for Greece in Canada. George Depastas died suddenly of heart attack on the 9th of April 1945 and Phillon Phillon a Counsellor of the Greek Embassy at Washington, DC arrived in Ottawa and immediately assumed the direction of the Greek Legation as  chargé d'affaires.

On October 22, 1945, the Greek Legation in Canada was raised to the status of an Embassy. Constantine SakeIlaropoulos was appointed as Ambassador and he remained in this position until November 8, 1950. Stefanos Rockanas, who had recently been appointed Vice-Consul of Greece at Toronto, took over as Charge d'Affaires until February 11, 1951 when Nicholas Anissas assumed the Office of the Ambassador until July 6, 1952 when he returned to Greece. At that date Raoul Bibica-Rosettis formerly ambassador for Greece in South Africa arrived in Ottawa as Ambassador for Greece.