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Repatriation Certificate

To obtain certificate of repatriation, Greeks living abroad should address the competent Consular Authority, where they can obtain information regarding the documentation they will need to provide along with their application.

In general, the necessary prerequisites for issuance of a repatriation certificate are:

1. No other similar certificate has been issued in the past by any other Consular Authority in the name of the person transferring his residence or in the name of any member of that person’s family.
2. The person transferring his residence resides habitually abroad (185 days out of any 12-month period abroad, where he/she has strong personal and professional bonds for at least two consecutive twelve-month periods before his/her transfer of residence). Studies at a University or other institution in a given country do not constitute habitual residence in that country
Note that the competent Authority in Greece for repatriation certificates is the 18th Directorate of the Finance Ministry.

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