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10/03/2021 Announcement by the Embassy of Greece on measures against COVID-19 in China

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Α. Traveling from and to Greece

Passengers travelling from and to Greece are required to fill-in at least 24 hours in advance the Passenger Locator Form (PLF), receive a QR code and provide a negative PCR-NAT test certificate in English. Detailed information regarding standing procedures for arrivals to Greece can be found at:

B.  Travelling to China

- Chinese authorities have announced that, as of February 22 2021, only passengers on direct flights will be allowed to enter China (no transit flights allowed).  Furthermore, only Greek and Chinese citizens permanently residing in Greece will be allowed to board Air China flights from Athens to Beijing.

-As of March 28, 2020, entry into China by foreign nationals holding visas or residence permits is suspended. However, foreign nationals travelling to China for urgent economic, trade, scientific or technological activities, on humanitarian grounds or other essential purposes may apply for new visas at the Chinese Embassies or Consulates.

The number of international flights to and from China remains limited. Direct flights between Greece and China (Athens-Beijing) are operated by Air China, albeit occasionally. Interested passengers are advised to contact Air China representatives in advance to confirm flight availability.  Traveling to China on transit flights through any third country is not allowed.

-  Passengers departing from Greece need to fill in the Health Declaration Form which can be downloaded from the Chinese Embassy's website. Additionally, passengers are required to provide certificates of negative PCR-NAT and IgM tests carried out within 48 hours prior to departure, at designated by the Chinese Embassy in Athens laboratories. The tests must be validated by the Chinese Embassy; which will issue a QR Code necessary for boarding the plane. Passengers arriving to China undergo additional nucleic acid testing and further health examination.

- Mandatory quarantine: "21 + 7" scheme: Travelers arriving in Beijing are required to undergo a mandatory 21-day quarantine at a centralized facility (hotel), designated by the Chinese authorities. Following this quarantine period of 21 days, an additional week of "health observation" is required for all travelers arriving from abroad, either in a hotel, or at home, subject to the consent of the local compound communities. Expenses for the period of the quarantine and 4th week of "health observation", are borne by the travelers.

Before travelling to China, passengers are strongly advised to consult with the Chinese Embassy on the terms and requirements of their flight and arrival. Furthermore, passengers are advised to clarify which health examinations they will be subjected to during quarantine, as some may not be acceptable to them (anal swab for example)

-  According to local authorities, COVID-19 outbreak is largely under control in China. However, precautionary measures are still in place, including temperature checks and the compulsory use of masks indoors. Furthermore, mobile applications monitoring health, travel and contact history are widely used. Before travelling within China, passengers are strongly advised to consult local authorities.

-  Confirmed, suspected, symptomatic or asymptomatic cases in China fall within a rigid collective medical observation scheme, which includes a 28-day-quarantine period following treatment. In this framework, children identified as confirmed or asymptomatic cases, or as having symptoms of the disease, are (regardless of age) isolated in hospitals away from their parents; medical treatment to children is not subject to their parents consent.

With regards to the general precautionary measures, the Embassy recommends that Greek citizens comply with the National Public Health Organization (EODY) travel instructions and consult the Embassy's announcements.