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Ambassador of Greece to China Leonidas Rokanas visits prestigious Chinese Academic Institutions Chinese Academy of Social Science

Saturday, 31 December 2016


China's most important think tank and experts advisory body, CASS, extended an invitation to the Ambassador of Greece to China, Leonidas Rokanas, who was received by the head of the European Studies Institute of CASS, Professor  Huang Ping (December 2016). Present in the meting were also the Director of CASS Economic Studies Division, Prof.   Chen Xin, the Director  of the Center for the study of Central and East European countries, Prof. Liu Zuokui, and Professor and expert on Greek Studies, Ms.  Song Xiaomin. The head of the Press Office of the Embassy of Greece, E. Athanasiadis, also attended the event. Professor Huang highlighted the importance of Greece to China in the broader context of EU-China relations, and referred to the significance on the forum "China - Europe cultural dialogues in Greece" organized in Athens in October 2016, with the presence of Chinese Leader Mr. Liu Yunshan. Similar forums, he noted, may also be organized in future, in specific areas in the fields of culture and social science, promoting bilateral cooperation between China and SE European / Mediterranean countries, in the fields of museums, universities, research, publishing etc. Greece, he added, is a key country along the OBOR networks linking China to Europe, especially in terms of culture and infrastructure. Professor Huang invited Amb. Rokanas to deliver a lecture to members of the academy teaching and research staff in future.

Ambassador Rokanas noted the importance of synergies and academic-research dialogue and cooperation between countries with great cultural traditions, such as Greece and China, and referred to relevant initiatives from Greece linking culture and politics such the organization, on the initiative of Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, of an International Conference on “Religious and Cultural Pluralism and Peaceful Coexistence in the Middle East”, held in Athens from 18 to 20 October 2015. Greece, he noted, remains a polar of peace, stability, security and prosperity, among significant turbulence in the broader area of Eastern Mediterranean and beyond, sharing historical ties and good political relations with many nations in the region.  The Greek Ambassador also noted the continuous interest of the Embassy of Greece in China in developing ties of Greek academic and research institutes with CASS. He also presented recent developments in the economy of Greece, and the positive indicators in many fields: such development pinpoint to the resilience of Greek economy and enable Greece to continue to play a key role as a pillar of the EU in the sensitive region of Eastern Mediterranean.

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