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Ambassador of Greece to China Leonidas Rokanas visits prestigious Chinese Academic Institutions Shanghai International Studies University

Friday, 28 October 2016

 Chinese Academic Institutions Shanghai International Studies University

During his official visit to the Municipality of Shanghai in October 2016, Ambassador Rokanas, visited the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) where, since 1972 under the guidance of retired Professor Zhu Shengpeng, the Greek Language Department  (the oledest in China) has initiated numerous students into the study of Modern Greek. Currently the chief teachers in the Dept is Ms. Hu Jingjing (Sophia) assisted by Katerina Cui and others. Ambassador Rokanas and the Greek delegation, along with Consul General Vassilios Xiros, was received by the Deputy Secretary General of the CCP committee of SISU Ms.  Qian Ling.

The Greek Ambassador delivered a lecture to SISU students on the role of Greek culture and Greek language, in  the development of Western culture, notably in the fields of philosophy, science, institutional development and politics, education etc., and the arising importance and relevance of Greece for Chinese students who aspire to understand Western values and notions. Although Greek civilization is fundamental to the development of the Western culture, at the same time its significance rises further beyond: by learning more about the Greek cultural heritage, (which is essentially ecumenical in term of its impact, usefulness and significance),  students in China may find useful tools and sources for dealing with today's challenges faced by the whole mankind.

Amb. Rokanas spoke extensively on the pivotal role of Greece in the context of the OBOR policy, a holistic initiative (comprising economic, cultural and people-to-people exchanges), on the basis of reciprocity and win-win arrangements. A fundamental pillar of this policy is the educational and people-to-people exchanges. A major challenge today is the tremendous development of human networking through the internet and the new media technologies albeit without similar enhancement of understanding and tolerance towards the others. In this respect, Amb. Rokanas noted that, educational contacts and exchanges may bring people closer and contribute decisively to the deepening of our understanding about other nations and people.

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