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«Open Day» of the Greek Embassy in Beijing (Thursday 19/5/2016)

Monday, 23 May 2016

The Greek Embassy hosted an Open Day for University Chinese students on May 19th  in the context of a series of Open Day events organized by EU embassies in Beijing on annual basis. This year's Open Day was dedicated to the Olympics, as 2016 is an Olympic Year in view of the Summer Games in Brazil.
The Greek Ambassador, Mr Vassilios Costis, welcomed the students and the head of the Press and Communication Office Mr Euthymios Athanasiadis introduced in Chinese the Open Day’s topic titled “The True Spirit of the Ancient Games”. Afterwards students watched excerpts from a video “Hippocrates in Olympia” produced under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Health and the Alexander Onassis Foundation. The presentations underscored the philosophical, social and medicinal underpinnings of the Ancient Games and their today’s relevance, in terms of Western and Chinese culture. Invited students included undergraduates from Capital Sports University and Beijing Sports University (departments of Sports Media and Sports Journalism). The presentation offered also an introduction to Olympic Educations and Olympics related studies in Greece and a Q&A session. Students received informative material on Greece from the Press Office and the Greek National Tourism Organization.

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