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Republished Collection of Ancient Greek Literature, translated by Luo Niansheng, is received by the Embassy of Greece in Beijing

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The reprinted collection of all Ancient Greek works translated by the late Luo Niansheng was donated to the Embassy of Greece in Beijing, by his son Luo Jinlin, professor of Drama at the Drama Central Academy of China, during a special reception event organized at the Embassy of Greece and hosted by Amb. L. Rokanas. The collection of books has been edited with supplemental translation by the scholar Wang Huansheng who was also present in the ceremony.
Ambassador of Greece Leonidas K. Rokanas received Mr Luo Jinlin, Mr. Wang Huansheng as well as the well known translator of Modern Greek Ms. Luo Tong, daughter of Mr. Luo Jinlin. Present in the ceremony was also the vice-president of the Central Drama School Mr Hao Rong.
The prolific translation work of Luo Niansheng includes Homer's Iliad, 16 Greek dramas of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, 6 works of Aristophanes, numerous philosophical and literature works, as well as the compilation of an Ancient Greek Dictionary  and a guide to the translation of Ancient Greek names.
Following the steps of his father, Luo Jinlin  has worked intensively to spread the teaching of Ancient Greek Drama in China, and has directed Greek drama performances blending elements of Chinese and Greek culture. Attica Prefecture in 2010 honored Luo Jinlin with the award of "Ambassador of Hellenism" for his continuous contribution in making the culture of Greece known in China.
Upon receiving the donated books,  Ambassador Rokanas expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to the re-edition of the collected translation works of Luo Niansheng, and highlighted the central role of performing Arts, especially Drama, in educating people today, as in the past. The Greek Ambassador underscored the willingness of the Embassy of Greece to work closely with the Central Drama School in Beijing so that more educational exchanges and art performances may take place between Greece and China, given the fundamental role of culture in the bilateral ties of the two nations. (News Release by the Press and Communication of the Embassy of Greece in Beijing).

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