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Cultural Relations and Greek Community

The Greek Embassy in Copenhagen and the Danish Embassy in Athens work to strengthen cultural exchanges between the two countries via exhibitions, concerts, lectures and other events. The Universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus each have a Classical Studies Chair, while there is also a Modern Greek Studies Chair at the University of Copenhagen.

An estimated number of above 1,500 Greeks reside in Denmark, mostly in the Copenhagen area.

Associations of Greeks in Denmark

- Graeske Forening i Danmark (E-mail: )
- Argonaftes (E-mail: )
- Melina (E-mail: )
- Pancretan Club in Denmark "Creta" (E-mail: )
- Grækenlands Venner

There are seminars about the greek language and culture, in Copenhagen (e-mail: ), organized by a Greek teacher sent the Greek Ministry of Education and Lifelong Learning. Also, in cooperation with the Embassy, exams for greek language and culture certificates (various levels) take place on a yearly basis.

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