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Information for Foreigners Travelling to Greece

  • Information for citizens of EU member states:

If you are an EU national , you do not need to show your national ID card or passport when travelling from one passport-free Schengen EU country to another. However, for foreigners travelling to Greece, it is strongly recommended to have a passport or ID card (with photo on it) with them, so that they can prove their identity, if needed, at any given circumstances. Please note that driving licences, post, bank or tax cards are not accepted as valid travel documents or proof of identity.

For detailed information, please see the following link

Danish nationals

Regarding Danish nationals, the Danish documents that are recognized in the EU/Schengen area are listed here:

Please note that the Danish identity card (with CPR number) is not usable as a travel document, as it does not contain a photo of the holder.

Therefore, Danish nationals travelling to Greece are advised to make sure beforehand that they have a valid passport. This applies also to children who are registered in the passport of their parents (not valid anymore in Denmark - for detailed information please see the relevant webpage of the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

  • Information for non EU member states citizens:

In order to know whether you need to apply for a visa before travelling to Greece, according to your country of origin and type of passport, please check the following list:

Third country citizens with permanent or temporary residence in Denmark

Third country citizens who have permanent residence in Denmark can travel to Greece without a visa, by showing their national passport and residency card. Holders of aliens passports can travel to Greece without a visa, only if they have a re-entry permission to Denmark on their passport, valid for all Schengen members. Also, foreign nationals with short or long term Schengen visas or temporary residence in Denmark can travel to Greece without a visa, as long as their visa or residency permit is valid, for a maximum of three months.

For detailed information for third country nationals already in the EU, please see$en#morethan

For further information about visas, please visit the relevant page in our website’s “services section”.

•    Other issues:

For information regarding safety requirements for travelling to Greece with pets, you can click here. Further information can be found at

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