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Postponement on educational grounds

In accordance with Chapter D, articles 18-20 of Law 3421/2005 and other provisions:

- Application by the conscript submitted to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Greece in London for a postponement addressed to the military authority under which he falls.

- A certificate of studies from an educational institution in the United Kingdom is required for use in Greece.  Its authenticity must be certified by an Apostille stamp, it must be translated into Greek by a translator accredited by the Consular Section and the authenticity of the translator’s signature must be certified.  In addition, a certificate of corresponding educational level must be obtained from the Office of the Education Counselor in the Embassy.

Consular Fees: Payment is made in cash.
For documents that authentication of the original signature is required, it is priced at 10 Euros for Greek/EU citizens and 30 Euros for third country nationals equivalent in Sterling.
Appointment: Pre-booked appointment through the online system
Application Forms: An application form is attached.
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