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List of supporting documents for issuing passports to adults

1. Application (provided at the Consular office)

2. Previous passport (provided it exists).  The owner will keep his/her previous passport until collection of the new one, by which time the previous will be invalidated.

3. Two (2) Recent (no more than a month old) color digital photographs 4x6 cm (or 1.6 x 2.3 inches) of particular technical specifications, light-colored background and the face looking directly into the camera. If case of photographs not meeting the required specifications, the application will be rejected by the  issuing Authority.

4. A Greek National Identity card (recent, where personal data, e.g. first name and surname, are also written in Latin) or certificate of municipal roll.

5. (Only for males 19-45 years of age) People under military deferment must provide an updated Certificate Type B. Those declared as deserters living abroad must provide certification of their military office in Greece, certifying their status as a permanent resident abroad.

6. In case the applicant does not have a passport or a police ID card, he / she must come with a witness (Greek adult, holder of a valid passport / identity card), who will certify the identity.

The above-mentioned documents must be issued within six months of the passport application.

Service Cost: The equivalent in pounds of 84.40 Euros depending on the exchange rate of the current month.
Payment in cash.
For documents that authentication of the original signature is required, it is priced at 10 Euros for Greek/EU citizens and 30 Euros for third country nationals equivalent in Sterling
An electronic appointment is required for the service.
Relevant forms: 1. Application for a new passport.
2. Application for ex-officio search for a temporary birth certificate
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