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You can search here if your passport has been received by our Consular Mission.

Please insert the 13digit receipt number adding zeros in the beginning and press "search".

Passport collection

Passport collection (working days) according to the following:

Family name starting  Α to Θ    9:30-12:00    
Family name starting   I to P     12:00-14:30    
Family name starting   Σ to Ω   14:30-17:00

Passports must be collected in person or by a legal guardian or person dully authorized to do so. In this case, proper identification is required, along with an authorization bearing his/her signature certified by the Greek Consular Office.

Passports are issued 4 to 6 weeks following the date of application. The applicant is informed via email.

The application receipt must be provided at the time of the collection.

When collecting the new one it is required to submit the old passport in order for it to be invalidated.

Please note:

• According to the instructions of the Greek Police, the passports that remain uncollected to the Consular Office for more than six months uncollected are returned to the competent authorities in Greece.

For further information regarding issuing a passport, you may visit the website of the Greek police - National Passport Center.

For any information or clarification, you may contact the Consular Office at

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