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Household effects certificate

Friday, 03 July 2020

Greek citizens or foreigners whose “permanent residence” has been in Canada for at least two (2) consecutive years and wish to live in Greece permanently are able to import their household goods into Greece without being subject to duties and taxes. The exemption from import fees and taxes is granted based on the “household effects certificate” that is issued by the competent Greek Consular Authority.

“Permanent residence” refers to a place where an individual has lived for a minimum of 185 days in a year and with which they have personal and professional ties.

The household effects certificate is issued only once for each family.

Individuals who are already in Greece and meet the requirements for permanent settlement in the country, can also submit an application for a household effects certificate within 24 months from their date of arrival in Greece. In this case the certificate has to be issued by the competent Greek Consular Authority that is located closest to the location of applicant’s permanent residence in Canada.  

Items that can be included in the household goods

1.    Personal items such as: clothing, furniture, electrical devices (one of each kind), personal computer, air conditioning units, rugs (up to 40 square metres), bicycle.
2.    Car for non-commercial use with up to 9 passenger seats (all types of cars e.g. closed passenger cars (sedans), closed trucks (vans), S.U.V., etc.)
3.    Motorcycle or motorbike
4.    Trailer (only if the vehicle that is being imported is not a self-propelled caravan)
5.    Recreational boat

Special requirements for vehicles

In regards to the tax and duty free import of vehicles from Canada we ask that you please take the following into consideration:

1.    The applicants are entitled to exemption from import duties and other relevant taxes (e.g. vehicle registration duty) for the vehicle they already own at the time of their application, under the following requirements:
•    They have owned and used the vehicle for at least 6 months before the date of their application. Ownership must be fully proven for a 6 month period by the vehicle license
•    The vehicle must have been registered to the applicant’s name or under their spouse’s or children’s name, who will also be residing permanently in Greece. If the applicant has inherited the vehicle at any time before the date of their application, the 6 month ownership requirement mentioned above does not apply.

2.    Those applying from Canada have the right to import a new vehicle to Greece (i.e. a vehicle that was purchased and released for the first time within the 6 months prior to the date of their application) and pay only the VAT (Value Added Tax), which is 24% of the net value of the new vehicle. This right can also be exercised within 12 months following the issuing of their relocation certificate. The vehicle can be purchased either in Canada or in Europe under the applicant’s name.  The engine cannot exceed 2000 cubic centimetres. Vehicles whose engine exceeds 2000 cm3
are subject to 50% of taxes and fees that apply to all new vehicles that are imported into Greece. The engine technology of the new vehicle must also meet the requirements set out by the E.U. Regulations against pollution.

Required Documents
1.    Greek or Canadian valid passport
2.    Income tax returns for the last 2 years
3.    Proof of property tax or lease agreement for the last two years
4.    Proof of employment for the last 2 years
5.    Proof of rent payment or bank cheques issued for rent payment for the last two years.
6.    Public benefit accounts (e.g. gas, phone, heating, cable TV, etc.) for the last two years
7.    All passports (valid and expired) of all family members who will be relocating to Greece that they have owned from their arrival to Canada until now.
8.    Driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration (if you are including a vehicle or other means of transportation in your household goods)
Please note that applicants have an obligation to provide a written submission to Canadian Authorities stating their intention to leave Canada and reside permanently in Greece


The issuance fee for the household effects certificate is 120 € paid in Canadian dollars based on the exchange rate mentioned at the end of this page.


1.    Gather the required documents
2.    Contact the competent Consular Authority to book an appointment. To see the areas of jurisdiction of the Greek Consular Authorities in Canada please visit this page.

Please note that all prices mentioned throughout the website are in Euros. The exchange rate changes once a month and the rate is valid throughout that month. This page will be updated at the first of each month.

The exchange rate for April 2021 is:
1 EURO = 1.50 CAD for Consular Service
1 EURO = 1.50 CAD for the Visa Section

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