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National Service

All Greek male citizens (who are registered in the Special Registry in Greece) are required to serve in the Hellenic Armed Forces. Greek citizens living abroad can receive an exemption from military service or serve for a shorter period of time, subject to the conditions that are described in detail on the National Military website of the GHND.

In this section of our website you can find information regarding services for military issues that the Greek Consular Authorities in Canada can provide, which you have to contact to book an appointment:

-    Consular Office of the Greek Embassy in Ottawa
-     Consulate General in Vancouver
-     Consulate General in Montreal
-     Consulate General in Toronto

Greek Consular Authorities in Canada can provide the following services regarding military service:

Census Certificate

Within three months of the year that they turn 19 years old, all male Greek citizens must complete the Census Certificate and submit it to the Military Service Office in which they belong. Please note that for military issues it is assumed that all Greek males were born on January 1st of the year they were born in. For example, those born in 2002 must complete the Census Certificate between January and March of 2020.

Those living temporarily or permanently in Canada can complete the Certificate at the Greek Consular Authority at their place of residence.

Certificate of Permanent Residence for those Living Abroad

Greek male citizens who were either born and reside permanently in Canada, or those who have a livelihood settlement in Canada, are dependent on the invitations for enrollment in the Hellenic Armed Forces. This exemption can be provided based on the certificate that can be issued by Greek Consular Authorities in Canada, which certifies their status as a “permanent resident living abroad”. In the case where they lose this status (i.e. they stay in Greece for more than 6 months within the same calendar year) they are required to complete their military service. The only exception is when adult Greek males go to Greece to study and have enrolled in a Greek institution for higher education, in which case they are considered to be living abroad for the time period they are in Greece.

Residents abroad from the military point of view are considered to be those who fulfill one of the following conditions:

a)    Canada is their main and permanent place of residence since their birth, meaning they have been residing permanently abroad for more than 185 days for each calendar year since their birth.

b)    They have been permanently residing in Canada for 11 years, meaning they have been residing permanently abroad for more than 185 days for each calendar year in the last 11 consecutive years.

c)    They have established their livelihood settlement in Canada for 7 years, meaning they have been residing abroad for livelihood settlement reasons for more than 185 days for each calendar year for 7 consecutive years.

The issuance of a Permanent Resident Certificate requires the submission of the following documents:

1)    Application (available at the Consulate).

2)    Certificate of enrolment in the Male Registry (can be obtained through the consular authority).

3)    Documents referring to the time required to fulfill the above conditions for primary and permanent establishment or establishment of livelihood settlement such as: proof of study, tax returns or receipt (copy), the Canada Pension Plan Contributions (Statement of Contribution from Canada Pension Plan), home purchase contract or rent contract for a home or commercial property, utility bills, bank activity statements, etc.

4)    All existing passports in the applicant's possession, Greek and/or Canadian, valid and expired.

5)    All existing passports in the applicant's parents’ possession, Greek and/or Canadian, valid and expired plus some other proof (documents) which prove that:

a)    The parents have resided in Canada from the time of the applicant’s birth or settlement in Canada until the date of his 18th birthday and
b)    Please note that either parent or the applicant himself could not have been employed by the Hellenic Government in any capacity or role, either as a public servant, political or military personnel or locally engaged staff member, with any working relationship.

The Certificate of Permanent Residence issued under the above conditions allows you to visit Greece with your Greek or Canadian passport and stay up to 180 days per calendar year, until you turn 45 years old, without having to serve in the Hellenic Armed Forces. You should ask the Authorities at the points of entry in Greece to stamp your passport with the dates of entry and exit. If, up until the age of 45, you exceed the limit of 180 days in one calendar year, you are obligated to serve in the Greek army for six months. If you were born outside of Greece and live in that country permanently you can serve in the Greek army for a period of three months. If you are over the age of 33 you are able to serve for a minimum of 20 days and buy off the remainder of your six-month military service period. The cost of buying off your military service is 180 euro per month, which amounts to a total of 4,320 euro.

Certificate of residency for recusants living abroad

In cases where it is not possible to issue a Certificate of Permanent Residence Abroad for military use, because one of the three criteria above has not been met, then a “certificate of residency for recusants living abroad” can be issued, with the same documents and only for the following two uses:
-    Issuing of a Greek passport
-   Staying in Greece for a period of time no longer than 30 days within the same calendar year 

The aforementioned certificate can only be issued once the individual who is obligated to enlist in the army has been identified as a recusant, therefore after the date on which he has been called upon to serve. This certificate is valid for 6 months.

Request for deferment from military service due to studies

If you plan on requesting a deferment from military service due to being enrolled in a Canadian educational institution, the local Greek Consular Authority can certify and translate the relevant document provided by the educational institution. This certification will have to be in the format described in the Military Administration website of the GHND.

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