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Vital Records

For Greek Nationals living abroad, events such as Birth, Marriage or Death need to be registered with the local Greek Consular Authorities. An individual, wishing to have the appropriate Certificate issued, must have on hand the relevant documents issued by Canadian Authorities and then report to the local Greek Consular Authority. It is preferable that this be done within the three months following the event for which a Certificate is to be issued. 


To have his/her birth registered with the Consulate office of  Greece in Ottawa, the applicant must have been born in cities of the Provinces of the Consulate’s Office  jurisdiction.

The following supporting documents must be submitted:

1.  Application

2. Marriage certificate of the applicant’s parents from the appropriate Registrar General in Greece (if the marriage took place in Greece) or a marriage certificate from the appropriate Greek Consular Authority (if the marriage took place abroad).

3. The applicant’s Registration of Live  Birth from the Registry Office (Ontario Registrar General at the Ottawa Land Registry Office).

4. Parents’ municipal registration – family status certificate from the appropriate municipality or village in Greece and all their Greek passports (if they have them). Municipal registration certificates should have been recently issued, so as to reflect the relevant administrative reforms introduced in Greece. Please, note that when you register the birth of your child at the same time as (or within a short time of your marriage registration) you need not to bring forward the municipal certificates again, since they have been recently used for recording the marriage.

5. Documents proving the residence status of the applicant, eg. immunization records, school records, work and tax records, for each year he was living in Canada. 

6. If there has been a christening, the Church Baptism Certificate may be taken into consideration.

7. The applicant’s Canadian passport (if any), might also be needed.

8. One photo (passport size).

Please note that if the applicant is an adult, he or she must come to the Embassy in person. If the applicant is under 18 years old, one of the parents will have to complete the registration procedure.

Both parents should be present to sign the documents.


Marriages taken place in the cities of the Provinces of the Consulate’s Office  jurisdiction can be registered with the Consulate Office of Greece in Ottawa. The following supporting documents must be submitted:

1.  Application.

2. Certificate of marriage of the interested parties from the church or from the City Hall. We point out that the above certificate of marriage must include the number of the marriage performed (first, second, etc.) for both husband and wife.  Certificate of marriage (Registration of Marriage) from the Registry Office.

3. Recent Greek passports or identity cards of the spouse who is a Greek citizen.

4. Certificate of municipal registration (from the appropriate municipality in Greece). If the spouses are both Greek citizens, passport/identity card or municipal registration certificate is required for each of them.


Statements of death are issued by the Consular Office of Greece in Ottawa, if the death occurred in cities of the Provinces of the Consular Office’s jurisdiction. The following supporting documents must be submitted:

1. Application of the next of kin.

2. Certificate of Death (Registration of Death) from the Registry Office  and Certificate of the Reason of Death

3. Greek passport or Greek identity of the deceased (if available).

4. Greek voting booklet of the deceased (if available).

5. Only for male, any military document or other which includes the male registration number (arithmo mitroou,arenon AM)

6. The applicant must show his/her own identity too.

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