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Power of Attorney

In order to make a power of attorney please submit an application form to the competent Consular Authority in Canada:

Embassy of Greece in Ottawa

Consulate General of Greece in Montreal

Consulate General of Greece in Vancouver

For the Greek Consulate in Toronto you can fill out the form online. Once you have submitted the form the competent consular officer will contact you to book an appointment.

If the power of attorney is for a specific use, the appropriate draft text from a notary public or a lawyer in Greece should be submitted to the Consulate by e-mail.

The person who gives power of attorney must be legally capable of doing so; i.e. they must be of sound mind and of legal age (over 18 years old).

Those who wish to give power of attorney must do so in person, before the Consular employee, providing documents which establish their identity beyond any doubt (name, surname, place and date of birth, name of father and mother) as follows:

1. Piece of identification, such as:

a. If you are a Greek citizen, a Greek valid passport or a recent Greek Police ID (with Latin characters). The Consular authority may, on its own accord, request a certificate of family status in order to fill in the mother’s and father’s names of the person giving the power of attorney.

b. If you are a Greek citizen but do not have a valid Greek passport or recent Greek Police ID, you can provide your valid Canadian passport, however, your information will be inputted as it appears on your Canadian passport. The father’s and the mother's name will be filled in based on the information found in the Greek registry, only if all the details are identical and no doubt arises as to the identity of the assignor.

c. If you are a Canadian citizen, or a citizen of a country other than Greece or Canada, you must provide a valid passport and a birth certificate in one of Canada’s official languages, clearly indicating their parents’ names. The father’s and mother’s names will be inputted based on the birth certificate, as long as all the information is accurate and there is no doubt as to the identity of the assignor.

2. If you do not have adequate knowledge of the Greek language, you must have an interpreter of your choice, who will co-sign the power of attorney and must also provide a Greek or Canadian valid passport or a recent Greek Police ID.  At the Consulate General of Greece in Toronto you have the option of appointing one of the consular officers as an interpreter. In this case, you must pay an additional fee of 100 Euro in Canadian Dollars, in cash, at the exchange rate indicated at the end of this page.

3. The corresponding consular fees, in cash, as determined by consular pricing, which is 50 Euro for each page and 10 Euro per copy, in Canadian dollars at the exchange rate indicated at the end of this page.

4. In special circumstances, such as when the assignor is representing a corporation, the competent consular officer might ask you to provide additional documents.

If you reside within the jurisdiction of a Greek Consulate or the Greek Embassy, but have difficulty getting there either for health reasons or due to the long distance you would have to travel, please contact the Consular office of your jurisdiction to explain your situation and inquire about alternative ways of addressing your case.

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