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Thursday, 13 December 2018


The Greek Consular Authorities in Canada can provide certified translations of certain public documents.

More specifically, the following Canadian public documents can be translated from English to Greek, once they have been validated:
1.    Long form birth certificate
2.    Long form marriage certificate
3.    Long form death certificate

Please be advised that according to the guidelines issued by the Greek Ministry of Interior the above documents can also be translated by the Translation Service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by a Greek Lawyer or by graduates with a Major in Translation from the Ionian University. The Greek Consular Authorities do not validate translations by private translation agencies, as these are not acceptable at the Vital Records Department for Greeks Abroad (Ειδικό Ληξιαρχείο).

The Greek Consular Authorities in Canada can also provide translations of the “tax residence certificates” issued by the regional offices of Revenue Canada, on the condition that they have been duly validated.

We also translate the following documents from Greek to English. These documents do not need to be validated, and are translated solely for use at Canada Immigration:

1.    Greek birth certificates
2.    Criminal record checks

For the validity of translations into English by other entities please consult the website of the Canadian Government.

Fees: In both cases stated above, translations are always done based on the original documents, and consular fees must be paid. The fee is 20 Euro per page for the translation, and 30 Euro for the certification of the signature of the consular employee who has translated the document. Fees are payable in Canadian dollars, in cash, based on the exchange rate that is in effect at that time (please see bottom of page). The fees do not include the validation of the Canadian public document, which, if required, is charged separately.  

Translations of other documents:  We advise those who are interested in certified translations for any document not listed above, from English to Greek, to go to the following operators and professionals in Greece, who according to the handbook of the Greek Ministry of Interior, can provide certified translations:
1.    Translation Service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2.    Lawyers
3.    Graduates with a Major in Translation from Ionian University

1.    Submit the original documents you need to have translated either in person or by mail to the competent Greek Consular Authority in Canada. If you choose to send them by mail, we ask that you provide us with all your contact information (phone number and email).
2.    Once we have received your documents, you will be notified within 5 business days to pick them up, as well as what the exact cost will be.
3.    You can either pick up the translation in person and pay upon receiving your translated, certified documents or ask us to send them to you by mail, indicating which address we should send them to. If you wish to have the translation mailed back to you, you will have to include the following items in the envelope containing the original document:
a.    A money order covering the consular fees, made out to the respective Consular Authority
b.    A prepaid Canada Post envelope with all the information filled out

Please note that all prices mentioned throughout the website are in Euros. The exchange rate changes once a month and the rate is valid throughout that month. This page will be updated at the first of each month.

The exchange rate for April 2021 is:
1 EURO = 1.50 CAD for Consular Service
1 EURO = 1.50 CAD for the Visa Section

Please note that we only accept cash, in Canadian Dollars.

We DO NOT accept credit cards, debit cards or personal checks.