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Marriages of Hong Kong Residents in Greece

Marriages of foreign nationals in Greece

Foreign nationals may be married in Greece, through a civil or a religious ceremony, according to Greek law. There is no residency requirement.
The following documents are required in order to obtain a Greek marriage licence for ceremonies involving foreign nationals to be performed in Greece:
1. Passport
2. Recent certified copy of Birth certificate (issued within the last six months) with Apostille and an official translation.
3. Single Status Certificate issued by the Marriage Registry indicating that the there is no existing undissolved marriage, with Apostille and an official translation (issued within the last three months prior to the wedding).
4. If applicable, documentary evidence (death certificate or final divorce decree) of the termination of a previous marriage (the most recent, if more than one), along with Apostille and an official translation.
5. A copy of the newspaper in which the wedding notice has been published. Wedding notices should be published in one of the local Greek newspapers in the Greek language (the names should be phonetically written in Greek and not in English characters) before the application for a marriage license is submitted. In small towns where newspapers are not published, notices are posted by the Mayor of the City.
Please be advised, that the supporting documents have to be prepared in Hong Kong before departure.
Official translations can be obtained at the Consulate General of Greece in Hong Kong or at the Translations Department of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens.
For the Apostille service please visit
After the ceremony, a marriage certificate is being issued by the competent Greek authorities. Duration of the respective procedure varies according to location and period of year.

For further informaton please contact the Consulate General at (852) 27741682.

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