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Vital Records

Persons seeking information on the supporting documents required in order to register life events (birth, marriage, death) and obtain  vital records need to contact the competent Consular Authority in their locality.

In general, persons interested in obtaining vital records need to be aware of the following:

• For a vital record (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate) to be drawn up at one of Greece’s Consular Authorities abroad, the event being recorded needs to have occurred in the latter’s consular precinct.

• Parties interested in obtaining birth or marriage certificates must appear in person at the Consular Authority. A death certificate requires that the relative, funeral home employee or other legally interested party declaring the death appear in person at the Consular Authority.

General requirements as to the supporting documents needed by the Consular Authority to draw up a vital record include verification of the identity of the applicant(s) and evidence of the volition of the applicant(s), as well as verification of the identity of the person concerned in the vital record, as follows:

• Birth Certificate: ID/passport/signed application of both parents, documentation of the birth and identity of the child by the competent foreign Authority.

• Marriage Certificate: ID/passport/signed application of both spouses, supporting documents attesting to the performance/declaration of the marriage by the foreign Authority.

• Death Certificate: ID/passport or other form of identification, complete information regarding and certification of the death of the deceased; ID and signed application of the person declaring the death.

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