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Passports are issued in cooperation with the Citizen Protection Ministry and the Hellenic Police’s Passport Directorate (8 Chiou St., Kaisariani, 16121, tel: 210 7298000)

To issue a new passport, the Consular Office  take receipt of the necessary documentation, which is sent to the competent Hellenic Police/Passports Department. For detailed information you may visit the official web site of the National Passport Center ( ).

Click here to track the progress of an application that has been submitted from the relevant webpage of the Hellenic Police.

NOTE: Older passports issued by Prefectures and our Consular Authorities abroad ceased being valid as of 1 January 2007.

In case of loss or theft, the holder of the lost passport must report the loss immediately to the nearest police or consular authority (the same holds true if the lost passport is found). The above authority carries out an investigation (which may last up to 3 months) into the circumstances under which the passport was lost or stolen. During the investigation, a new passport is not issued to the applicant unless it is deemed necessary that the applicant travel abroad to receive medical treatment.

In cases of emergency, provisional travelling documents can be issued by the Consular Office  for the repatriation of Greek citizens.

Frequently asked questions regarding the issuance of Greek passports

Photographs' Technical specifications for photographs. Download

Further to the above, regarding the quality specifications for photographs, please note the following:

-    there should be no light or shaded areas or reflections on the face (due to the room lighting or the flash light for example). The same applies to the eyes or glasses.
-    the background should be of light colour, white or light grey up to 5%(not dark).  Light grey is preferable as a background colour for white-haired persons.
-     there should be no hidden or distorted areas on the face (for example hair covering the forefront or use of heavy make up,).
-    there should be no alterations of the photos, by technical means (for example to disguise eventual flaws).

1. Which Authority is competent for the issuance of passports ?

Since Jan 1st, 2006, the Hellenic Police, and specifically the National Passport Center (NPC), is the only competent authority for the issuance of Greek passports. Greek citizens living abroad permanently or temporarily (for example due to work, studies, tourism or health problems) may submit their passport applications and required documents to the Consular Authorities abroad. The applications and related documents are submitted by the applicants themselves. Prerequisites are the same as for applicants in Greece.

2. How can I submit my application ?

In order to submit your application, you can book an appointment by contacting the Consular Office (tel.: (+45) - 3334 6048 or email: grcon.cop[a]

3. When can I call the Consular Office ?

Monday, Wednesday Friday, from 13:00 to 14:00pm. Before booking an appointment, make sure that you have collected all the required documents (question 4).

4. Which are the required documents for my application ?

If you are over 18 years of age, you need:

1. An application form (provided by the Consular Office) to be filled by the applicant himself, in person, at the Consular Office. If the applicant is over 12, his fingerprints will be scanned.

2. A Greek ID card (max. 10 years old), with the applicant’s latest personal data.

3. If the applicant does not possess a Greek ID card, an original birth certificate is required, from the Municipality of Greece where he/she is registered. Consular Office can issue the document for you.

4. The applicant’s old passport.

5. Two recent photographs, size 4x6 cm, in color and biometrical. In case the applicant has a Greek ID Card (as in question 2) only one photograph is needed.

6. Yellow card with CPR number. For residents of Sweden, a document stating their residence address.

Minors (under the age of 18), have to submit the same documents as adults and must be accompanied by both their parents. If only one can be present, the other has to give his consent in writing, signed. For special cases (children of divorced families, minors under guardianship) please contact us.

7. What is the cost ?

For applicants under 14: 552 kr.
For all the rest: 633 kr.

The Consular Office accepts only cash.

8. What is the duration of the new passport ?

For adults and minors over 14: 5 years (starting from the date of issuance)
Minors up to 14: 3 years (starting from the date of issuance)
Upon the expiration of your passport, you should apply for a new one. Your passport cannot be renewed.

9. What is the waiting period after the application for a new passport ?

Normally, 1 to 2 months are required, starting from the date you submitted your application. Occasionally there are delays, due to the fact that applications are sent only via diplomatic correspondence. Also, please note that passport applications may be rejected  due to specific reasons (e.g. photograph doesn’t meet the required standards, applicant has a pending military service obligation etc). Therefore, do not plan any journeys without having received  your valid passport. In case an application is rejected, you may apply again with a cost of 5 €.

10. How will I receive my new passport ?

As soon as we receive your passport, we will contact you to pick it up from the Consular Office. The visiting hours are 10:00-12:00, Monday to Friday. You may receive your passport in person (for those over 18) or, if you need  someone to do that on your behalf, an authorization signed by you and validated on the originality of your signature is required. Minors' passports are received by one of their parents or another person authorized by at least one of the parents, with a validated signature.

11. What documents do you need in order to receive your new passport ?

- the proof of deposit

- the receipt you received when you payed for your passport application

- your old passport

If another person is to pick up the passport instead of you, he/she should have the following, in addition:

- his/her id card or passport

- your authorization (question 8)

Tip: As soon as you have your new passport in hand, sign it and photocopy the first page, in case of loss.

Tip: New passports should be picked up within 6 months. Otherwise, if they are withheld in the Consular Office for 6 months, they are cancelled and returned to the Hellenic Police.

12. What do you do if your passport is stolen or lost ?

You should contact the nearest police station and state the incident. After that, you should contact the Consular Office. You will need the loss or theft statement by the police, and your Greek ID card (max. 10 years old), with your latest personal data. In case you don't have an ID card, any official Greek or Danish document with a photograph of you (e.g. driving license). If you have none of the above, you need a witness to certify your identity.

Minors who have lost their passports should contact the Consular Office with one of their parents.

For detailed information you may visit the official web site of the National Passport Center.

If you have already applied, you may track your application here

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