Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Embassy Sections

Political Affairs

The Embassy's Political Section observes and analyzes current developments in Georgia and foreign & domestic policy aiming at promoting bilateral cooperation across a broad range of issues.

Address: Tabidze 37d, 0179 Tbilisi
Telephone: (00995322) 914970-74
Fax: (00995322) 914980

Head of Mission
Dimitrios Karabalis

Consular Office

The Consular Office handles consular affairs. Among the tasks of the Consular Office are also family law affairs, eg. registration of births, name declarations, certification of signatures, as well as the assistance of Greek prisoners and the support of Greek nationals in emergency situations.

For further information with regard to the services provided by the consular office, visit the relevant section of our website.

Address: Andrea Razmadze 40, 0179 Tbilisi   
Telephone: (00995322) 938981 941224    
Fax: (00995322) 250791   

Head of the Consular Office: Ms Maria Zygogianni

Economic and Commercial Affairs

Economic and Commercial Affairs
Address: Tabidze 37d, 0179 Tbilisi-Georgia     
Telephone: (00995322) 942858   
Fax: (00995322) 941886   
Web-Site: http://www.agora.mfa.gr/en/offices-of-economic-and-commercial-affairs

Head of Economic & Commercial Office: Mrs. Despoina Daoutakou

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