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New Law of Georgia on Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Precursors

Friday, 29 August 2014

Below you will find the list of documents which should accompany any controlled drugs or psychotropic substance upon entry into Georgia:

Natural person can bring into the territory of Georgia 31 days’ stock of narcotic drugs  and psychotropic substances for individual needs (except “narcotic drugs strictly restricted for free circulation”  included in the  list 1 of annex 1 of  law of Georgia on “Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, Precursors and Narcological Assistance” ).

The following documents should be presented to Georgia Customs:

-        Natural person’s customs declaration (the declaration is available in English, Russian, and Georgian upon entry into country)

-      Copy of the prescription translated into English and certified by an authorized agency according to the rule determined by the legislation of the country from where a natural person is traveling (country of departure).   The prescription should include the following information:

-           Natural person’s  Name, Surname, gender and age

-           Diagnosis

-      Brand and generic names of the narcotic drug and/or psychotropic substance

-           Dosage form

-           Quantity of tablets ,ampoules and etc.

-           Method of administration and duration of treatment

-        Certificate of physician issuing prescription translated into English and certified according to the rule established by the laws of the country of departure

-  Document signed and sealed by an authorized person (legalization/certification) certifying authenticity of the prescription and certificate and issued by a competent authority of the country of departure. The document should include the following information:

-           Name of the authority

-           Juridical (legal) address

-           Contact person

-           Phone number

-           Country of destination

Customs authority shall control accuracy of the presented documents and compliance of the information (comparing the quantity and type of narcotic drugs and/or psychotropic substance with the actual amount/type of items carried by the passenger), after the customs control, the documents will be signed and sealed by the customs officer and will be returned to the natural person. This document should be kept during the stay in the country and may be submitted (but not mandatory) to Georgia Customs Authority upon departure from the country.

Also it is advisable to visit the website, where information about the mandatory documents is officially uploaded by the competent Georgia Authority (LEPL State Regulation Agency for Medical Activities).

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