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For the issuance of passports the following are required:

1. Presence of the interested person,
2. Valid Greek Identification Card,
3. One Photograph according to the specifications provided by the Hellenic Police (Please visit the relevant website,
4. In case there is no identification card, a certificate of birth or family status is required from the municipality where the citizen is registered. This document must be issued during the last 6 months. Moreover, two photographs with the aforementioned specifications are needed.
5. For minors below the age of 18 years, the presence of both parents is required too.
6. For men who have not fulfilled their military obligations and are younger than 45 years, a certificate is required by their military registration Office. Those who are granted a suspension of their military service must provide that document as well.
7. Finally, a written statement by the applicant declaring that he has not been convicted or prosecuted for crimes that do not allow the issuance of a passport.


After the date of expiry the passport is no longer valid. For its renewal the same requirement apply as for the issuance of new passport. Kindly note that the applicant must submit his old passport as well.


A passport is replaced in the following cases:

1.    All pages are full,
2.    There have been changes in the personal status of the holder,
3.    There has been spoliation of the passport.

The new passport will be valid for the time period left from the old passport. Kindly note that the applicant must submit his old passport as well.


In case of theft of loss of passport both the Consulate and the local police authorities must be notified immediately. A written statement concerning the place, time and conditions of the loss or theft must be submitted.

Should you have any further questions regarding the above or for any clarification you may contact an agent of the Consular Office via telephone at +81(0)3 3403-0871/2, via fax at +81(0)3 3402 4642 or via e-mal at the following address:

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